Monday, October 11, 2010


Hi All - welcome to my blog!  I am officially a Darden Student Blogger!

Prospective Students - as you begin or continue your business school process, I hope this blog is a helpful and genuine view of Darden and my life at business school.  If you ever have thoughts or questions, please feel free to email! 

Friends / Family - since many of you have noticed my departure from your lives over the last few weeks and months, I hope this blog is a good way for you to get a glimpse of my Darden life!  Thank you all for reading :)

Darden Blogger Profile:

Payal is a member of the Darden MBA Class of 2012 — she is excited to be back in Charlottesville as a Double Hoo! Born in New Jersey and raised in Ohio, Payal has called the D.C. suburbs home since 10th grade. After graduating from UVA’s McIntire School of Commerce, Payal moved to New York City to work as an investment banking analyst at Lehman Brothers. She left Lehman in the summer of 2008 and joined the Strategic Initiatives Group of non-profit standout TechnoServe, Inc. After the two most fun and transformative years of her life — filled with working her tail off, traveling around Africa, and most notably, hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro — Payal is excited to be grounded back in Charlottesville! 

So far, her favorite things about Darden are her incredible learning team, amazing section (yeah, Section C!) and fantastic new friends. When she is not consumed by the “Darden bubble,” Payal enjoys going to Bikram Yoga, exploring the weekly Charlottesville Farmer’s Market, eating at old favorite restaurants and hoping for the day she will have time to play a round of golf at Birdwood. Wahoowa!

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