Sunday, January 16, 2011

...and we are back in the game!

The last time we had to go to class was 46 days ago.  That seems like a lifetime in business school years. 

So much has changed in the last month and a half in the life of a Darden First Year.  We finished exams and got final grades for many of our first semester classes.  We went on job treks across the country and made our final connections with companies.  We enjoyed some sleep, time with family, and time away from school.  We reflected on our first 1/4 of business school, likely made resolutions, and finally cherished the little things about school we overlooked in the midst of daily chaos.  We started aggressive interview prep.  We started interviewing.  Some of "us" finished interviewing (oh, those lucky few...). 

And now, with the first day of our second semester starting tomorrow, we have new Sections, new subjects, and likely, new perspectives, to share.  Tomorrow will be a whirlwind of a day, and with the 45+ different jobs people are interviewing for this week, I imagine the week will be quite a spectacle in the Darden hallways.

Good luck, everyone!