Sunday, December 12, 2010


(written last Monday morning - sorry I forgot to post!)
As I stare around my apartment, I have a pretty good view of my exam existance: frozen meal boxes overflowing out of the recycling bin; the reminants of my marketing notes scattered all over my dining table; mail piled up high on the coffee table, and my clothes - well, they are everywhere.  I finished my last exam of the term last night at midnight, and after a few final recruiting events, my seminar class, and some meetings, I head back "home" for the holidays to spend time with family, visit my old coworkers, catch up with friends from the real world who I have neglected for the past three months, and of course, clean out my disasterous email inbox.

For some reason, as I sit in my window sill with a cup of tea (my favorite place in my apartment - although the last time I sat here could very well have been in September), I am a bit sad.  I can see some of my classmates walking to school for the last of their exams, while others are running around doing post exam laundry, paying rent, and finishing other chores.  It is beginning to set in, I am 1/4 of the way done with my MBA. 

In the midst of the busy days and long nights, I forgot how head over heels I have fallen for this place and the people here.  Perhaps it is because misery loves company or because we are in such close quarters all the time, but some of the friends I have made here know me as well as people who have known me my entire life.  Some of the discussions, in classes and in the hallways, have elevated and changed my thinking on my life and my values, while others have opened my eyes up to new opportunities and new passions.  The inside jokes, awkward moments, and ridiculous pictures of us in 80s costumes will likely be funny for years to come.  Anyway, 1/4 of the way done means that 3/4 is still left (do you like how my math is so sophisticated, now that I am in business school?) - so I guess it is time for me to get up, start running those errands, and get ready for a nice little break before coming back to what looks like a nutty January!