Thursday, September 9, 2010


Thursday.  In theory, Thursday is a glorious day - it is our last day of cases for the week!  Most of us FYs go to bed on Wednesday night after LT, smiling - as much as we have all, in some way or another, come to love and depend on our LTs, we don't have to see them again until Sunday.  Five hours and ten minutes of class tomorrow, and then we are free! Will I have time to go to the gym? To run errands? To catch up on my school work? Maybe even time to get ahead for next week? Perhaps a dinner that isnt a frozen meal!? Oh, the possibilities! And then comes Thursday morning…

I woke up this morning, walked out to my Ivy Gardens* balcony and basked in the sun for a few minutes still dreaming of the possibilities of my day. Then my iPod buzzed (I am one a proud owner of a "dumb" phone - but a few years ago I did buy an iPod Touch). My email was buzzing to remind me of my schedule for the day:

8:00-9:25am - Accounting
10:00-11:25am - Decision Analysis
11:45-1:10pm - Leadership and Organizations

My homework is done, I can handle this...especially if I crouch low during Decision Analysis.  And then came the punch:

1:30-3:00pm - Career Management Class
3:00-4:30pm - Tutoring/Q&A session (we have exams next weekend)
4:00-5:30pm - Darden Farmers Market (multitasking - grocery shopping and some socializing?)
5:30-6:30pm - Career Panel on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
6:00-8:00pm - Darden Cold Call (almost weekly social gathering of the entire Darden Community by the DSA**)
7:00-9:00pm - Section C Party at a section-mates house (hosted by him, his wife, and their 2 year old)
9:00pm onwards - TNDC***

Thank god it's Thursday?...well, if nothing else, welcome to a typical Darden day!

* Ivy Gardens: think of your freshman dorm complex - except you have your own apartment (with a balcony!).  A large proportion of Darden students choose to live in Ivy Gardens / Huntington Village, as they are the two closest complexes to the school.  Weekdays - well, you are never alone walking to or from school (not a morning person - better watch out!).  Weekends - house party central.
** DSA: Darden Student Association (our student government)
*** TNDC: Thursday Night Drinking Club

Monday, September 6, 2010

To Blog or Not to Blog?

I never thought I would start a blog.  And I actually don't believe I am starting one right instead of a blog, let's call this my attempt to stay sane through the rather crazy life I have recently embarked upon...

What crazy life, you ask?  Isn't it still summer?  What's going on?  Shouldn't I be enjoying the long weekend at the beach?  False. 

In fact, today marks the one-month anniversary of my arrival to the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia.  A few short (long...) weeks ago, I arrived in Charlottesville, and three weeks ago, I started my MBA.  As I look over the whirlwind experience of the last month, there are a few things I already know about my Darden experience:

1)  Pizza will become a staple food group in my life, much to the disappointment of my mother.  From club meetings to career panels to Learning Team (LT) take-out, Dominos, Papa Johns, and Mellow Mushroom: you seem to appear at the most crucial moments of my day, and for that, I am grateful.

2)  Between studing, exercising, sleeping, eating (well), relaxing, socializing, and being involved in extra-curricular activities, success is defined by completing two, maybe three (if it's a weekend), of the aforementiond tasks in any given day.  Oh how I miss you, sleep and television...

3)  I cannot imagine a more caring group of people supporting me through the next two years.  The people within these four walls have blown me away with their intelligence, passion, and genuine concern for the students.  Coupled with the academic rigor, fabulous (and throroughly entertaining) professors, myriad of personalities in my First Year (FY) section, "Dardenisms" and never-ending list of things to do and get involved with, the Darden Experience is quickly proving to be one be one life's best.

4)  Caffeine is wonderful.

And with that, goodnight!