Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Start of a New Term

The beginning of each term at Darden feels like the start of a new school year – our short-term memory loss has kicked in full force, and the life we led week ago filled to the brim with cases, learning team, and no sleep seems like a distant memory.  It is the calm before the next storm and in a matter of hours, the first day of Term 3 classes will quickly wake us up from our dream world.

But, in the spirit of a new term, I have decided to make a few resolutions.  In addition, I polled a few of my section-mates, and am posting their resolutions as well.  Hopefully we will revisit these throughout the term, and I can give you all an update in December!

My resolutions:
1)      To spend time each day cultivating my inner introvert – business school generally, and Darden specifically, are dream environments for extroverts.  From the walk to school in the morning, to the walk home at night, and everything in the middle, we are surrounded by people and an abundance of external stimuli.  When we aren’t working, we are out socializing.  So, to maintain a balance, my first resolution for this next term is to make time every day to be alone with my own thoughts.
2)      To eat three meals a week not “on the go” – the relationship of any business school student and food is a fragile one.  Some days, we are tempted by the abundance of free food throughout the halls and eat enough for a family of four.  Other days, meals are the last thing on our minds and one snickers bar sustains us for the day.  No matter the day, the one thing between the two sets of eating habits is that meals are always on the go, in front of the computer, or multi-tasked with 17 other things.  So, to mitigate this, I resolve to eat three (non-weekend meals) not “on the go.”
3)      To do more yoga – enough said J
4)      Get to school 20 minutes early in the morning - and prep for the day!

Resolutions from some of the ladies in Section C:
·         My resolution is to maintain a balance of sleep, running/yoga/some form of regular exercise, and healthy eating amidst the craziness of this term
·         My resolution: I will find time to hit the gym at least 3 times a week, and to eat no more than 3 frozen dinners (Lean Cuisines, Smart Ones, etc.) a week! you may have guessed…the 3 is for Term 3!!
·         My resolutions: Run twice / week;  Cook dinner for myself twice / week
·         My resolutions: Get at least 1 extra case for the week done before the weekend is over; eat less of the free junk food; swim at least twice a week.
·         My resolution: to run more, and to run a half marathon in the spring!
·         My resolution: to get back on the workout train and shoot for 3 days a week!  Nothing intense but I think it will make me a happier person!
·         My resolutions: attend more dance parties, cook more, and make time for other "stuff"

Thanks to all of my contributors!

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