Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tomorrow is DECEMBER!?

I can't remember the last month.  The leaves have changed, the temperature is more brisk, and days are  shorter - so all the signs of fall ending are in the air - but where did November go!?  The Second Years refer to November as "Black November" - the home stretch for classes and recruiting.  I have to say, while November was clearly busy, the new schedule is indicating that these first few days of December might be our "Black November."

Our last day of classes for the semester is tomorrow and the exam period starts at 5pm.  Thursday is the first major resume and cover letter drop date for some key companies.  From there, the next week will be consumed by taking exams and writing papers, finishing up last minute recruiting pushes, the Holiday Ball (read: Darden Prom), wrapping up other classes (my seminar!), and submitting job applications (there are over 120 job opportunities that require cover letters and resumes to be submitted by December 10th). 

I will likely not be writing between now and then, so, to the prospective students reading this - good luck to those in the middle of R1 interviews and good luck to those starting to apply for the R2 application deadline.  To my FY classmates - we can do it!  These might be the 10 most intense days at Darden, but imagine what life will feel like next Friday!? ...that is, if you aren't going to Week on Wall Street and job treks...

Catch you on the flip side!

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